Asian Handicap Betting in Football: Guide for Beginners

Asian Handicap Betting in Football: Guide for Beginners

Asian Handicap Betting in Football: Guide for Beginners

The Asian handicap represents a betting method that introduces an advantage or disadvantage to one of the competing teams in a game. The primary goal is to eliminate the prospect of a tie as a possible outcome. Originating in Asia, it has gained global recognition and widespread usage.

Learning the concept proves highly beneficial for bettors, especially in football betting. It unveils extensive opportunities for betting on outcomes and scores across various sports like football, basketball, and tennis. This approach assigns bettors to refine their bets, optimizing the potential for higher returns.

Introduction to Asian Handicap

For those new to Asian Handicap Betting in football, a practical approach involves focusing on a specific type of handicap, preferably integers (+1, -1, +2, -2, etc.), as they closely align with the actual game scores. Conducting a series of trial bets with a minimal bet is recommended to assess the mechanics’ comprehension and observe whether the desired effects are achieved.

Once the fundamentals of the Asian handicap system are comprehended, delving into the intricacies becomes more manageable. Progressing to medium handicaps (-0.5, +0.5, -1.5, +1.5, etc.) is the next step, involving test bets to gain familiarity with the system’s functionality.

Applying an Asian handicap of +0.5 to a soccer team involves considering an additional 0.5 goals in favor of that team. It ensures that the game cannot conclude in a tie, transforming potential 1-1 or 2-2 outcomes to 1.5-1 or 2.5-2, and so forth.

Conversely, if bettors opt for another team with an Asian handicap of -1, it implies subtracting one goal from the team’s total score. For instance, if the game initially ended 3-1 in that team’s favor, the adjusted result would be 2-1, resulting in a winning outcome.

Difference Between Asian Handicaps and European Handicaps

Regarding sportsbooks, there are two primary types of handicaps: the Asian handicap and the European handicap. The significant contrast lies in the approach towards tied results. The Asian handicap accommodates void bets, where players reclaim a part of the bet and even partially void bets, allowing recovery of half the wagered amount. The remaining half of the bet can either result in a win or a loss.

Conversely, the Asian handicap unequivocally excludes ties, ensuring that bets are either winners or losers but never null. Similarly, the European handicap also disallows bets on draws or ties.

Due to the absence of ties, European handicap odds consistently tend to be higher than their Asian counterparts, reflecting a lower likelihood of a winning outcome. For instance, in a match, an Asian handicap of -1 might carry odds of 1.75, whereas the European handicap of -1 in the same match could have odds of 2.15.

Types of Asian Handicaps

It’s important to categorize it into different options, distinguishing between positive and negative handicap variations to understand the Asian Handicap in Football Betting.

Whole Asian Handicap

It involves adding or subtracting the indicated number of goals from the team’s score, denoted by Asian handicaps such as +1, -1, +2, -2, +3, -3, etc.

Positive Handicap: If the team with a positive handicap wins or draws, the bet is a winner. If the result matches the handicap, the bet is void (canceled), and the wagered amount is returned. If the game ends with a score higher than the handicap, the bet is lost.
Negative Handicap: A win by a margin greater than the handicap results in a winning bet. If the margin matches the handicap, the bet is voided, and the amount wagered is refunded. If your team draws or loses, the bet is lost.

Medium Asian Handicap

It adds or subtracts the indicated “and a half” from the competitor’s score, ensuring there’s no possibility of a tied and voided bet.

Positive Handicap: A win or draw results in a winning bet. The bet is lost if the team loses by more than the handicap.
Negative Handicap: A win by a margin greater than the handicap is a winner. If the margin is less than the handicap, results in a tie or a loss, the bet is lost.

Half-Goal Asian Handicap

With only two choices, adding or subtracting half a goal, the positive half-goal (+0.5) works as a double chance, while the negative half-goal (-0.5) is akin to a match-winner bet.

Asian Quarter Handicap

It involves making a double bet, dividing the wagered money into two bets corresponding to the handicaps immediately before and after the placed bet.

Mixed Asian Handicap

Combining features of Asian Full Handicap and Asian Half Handicap, it’s expressed as a quarter, such as +0.25 or -1.75. The sportsbook divides the wager into two bets, the one on the full Asian handicap and one on the half.

Asian Handicap 0.0

Similar to ‘draw no bet,’ this doesn’t alter the score. When the match turns out to be a draw, the bet is void, and the amount played is refunded.

Positive Asian Handicap

Regarding Positive Asian Handicap, the sportsbook adds goals to the team to support the underdog. For example, +0.5 serves as a double chance for the chosen team.

Negative Asian Handicap

Regarding Negative Asian handicaps, the sportsbook subtracts goals from the favorite to enhance odds. If your chosen team wins, the bet is successful. In case of a tie, the bet is voided.

Tips for Betting on Asian Handicap in Football

Getting into Asian Handicap betting? Here are quick tips to consider:

Learn the Basics: Understand positive and negative handicaps, as well as whole, half, medium, and quarter handicaps.
Analyze Team Form: Consider recent performances, injuries, and player dynamics.
Home and Away Records: Evaluate how football teams perform in home and away settings.
Goal Difference Matters: Assess goal-scoring patterns and defensive capabilities.
Be Wary of Strong Favorites: Large negative handicaps may not always offer favorable odds.
Explore Medium Handicaps: Consider -0.5 or +0.5 for a balanced approach.
Team News: Stay updated on key player injuries, suspensions, or returns.
Monitor Motivation: Consider team motivation, especially towards the end of a season.
Shop for the Best Odds: Compare odds on different online sports betting to get the best value.
Start Small: If you’re new, begin with small bets to refine your strategy.

Remember, success in betting combines knowledge and strategy.


Asian Handicap betting in football can be a good form of wager for those who take the time to understand it. By eliminating the possibility of a draw, bettors can increase their chances of winning. With careful research, consideration of the handicap, and good bankroll management, you can make the most of your Asian Handicap bets in football.

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Author: Christopher Simmons